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Staccatos: 1/26

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: ~3300

Summary: The highs and lows of the boys, and their myriad of friends, during the two years they all grow up.  Some grow apart, others grow together, and everyone grows to love D.Marshall. Part 4 of The Symphony Verse.

Author's Note: Well, well, well, look at what we have here. Another installment in The Symphony Verse. I just can't seem to stop myself! HUGE GIGANTOR THANK YOUS to my betas preciousmellow and countess7. Without whom this story would be stupid, and make no sense, and not have enough commas.

Here's the masterpost of this verse on tumblr, which includes drabbles, the au/au, and a tag full of TSV thoughts and feelings. Also, just come say hi!

Blaine stands in the kitchen, wearing boxers and t-shirt, gazing longingly into the refrigerator, as though frowning at it will make what he wants appear.

“I can’t b-b-believe you d-drank the last of the orange juice,” he says mournfully to Matt.

Matt sits just out of sight in the living room, watching a morning talk show, with a smirk on his face.

“I didn’t do it on purpose. I thought you said you’d pick some up on the way home yesterday.”

Blaine leans on the door frame between the kitchen and the living room, chugging a warm gatorade he had stashed in a cabinet, just for these emergencies. It isn’t the same.

“No. You s-s-s-said you’d pick some up on the, on the, on the way home.”

“It seems as though we’re at an impasse, old man,” Matt says nonchalantly. “What time do you have class?” he asks, trying to change the subject.

Blaine glances at the clock. “Um. A little over an hour. You?”

It’s Matt’s turn to look at the clock. “Huh. I should have left 10 minutes ago.” He leaps off the couch and grabs his backpack.

“This is not a great way to start the new semester,” Matt says as he closes the door.

Blaine chuckles and wanders into the bathroom to take a shower.


September 8
@11:07 am
Blaine: For each day that you do not bring me orange juice, I will hide one of your socks.
Blaine: To show you I’m serious I’ve already hidden two.
Blaine: two socks from two different pairs are hidden somewhere in this apartment.

11:12 am
Matt: Who cares. It’s September. I don’t really need socks for at least 2 months.

11:13 am
Blaine: Are you saying that you’re not going to buy me orange juice for 2 months?

11:15 am
Matt: I’m saying that you are a grown ass man who can purchase his own morning time juice related needs.

11:17 am
Blaine: MATTHEW. It’s your turn to purchase the orange juice.

11:18 am
Matt: that’s it. That’s the text.
Matt: My professor just gave me the stinkeye. We’ll continue this later.


Aside from the ongoing orange juice stand off with Matt, Blaine’s day goes swimmingly. He has his first Contemporary American Lit part two class with Kurt and then he has work, followed by his Tuesday night dinner date with Kerry. (Matt doesn’t have class on Tuesday nights this semester but it’s become a very strict tradition between Blaine and Kerry. It’s quality Blerry-time. Or at least that’s what Matt and Kurt call it when they’re gently mocking their significant others.)

They go for Mexican, as they so often do. Blaine is eating his way through the menu. So far it’s a big thumbs up on the shrimp tacos, but a big thumbs down on the steak and lime burrito. Tonight he’s feeling a chicken quesadilla.

Sometimes he still needs help ordering, if it’s an expedience issue. Like if there’s a long line and an obviously impatient counter person, he’ll get someone else to order for him. Because time after time it’s those situations that leave him fumbling for words.

Tonight though, Blaine feels good.

Truth be told, he’s been feeling good all summer (except for the two or three days after he got his wisdom teeth out). He and Kurt went back to Ohio for a week and a half during June and it gave him enough time to hang out with his parents and really start to fix things with his dad. Blaine took him up on his offer to go to therapy together and it was … illuminating.

Turns out they have a lot of very similar insecurities but his dad has spent his whole life pushing them down and running away and giving himself ulcers. And while sometimes Blaine deals with his issues the same way, the best thing that could have happened to him was seeing Paula on a regular basis for 5 years. He had someone to listen to him, without judgment, and it seems like that’s something his father never had.

And while Blaine knows that his mom would have listened to his dad without judgment, it’s like his dad never bothered to try. He’s not sure he’s ever really going to understand their relationship. It has a dynamic that suits them, he assumes.

Beyond making some headway with mending his relationship with his dad, the whole summer was really quite wonderful. His speech has been good, cutting down on therapy has been fine, his relationship with Kurt is sort of miraculous, his job as a music counselor was fantastic, and he has friends. Honest to goodness friends. Like, 8 of them, but who’s counting?

He orders his chicken quesadilla and Kerry orders a shrimp taco, at Blaine’s insistence, and tonight he lets her pay. Sometimes it’s important to accept things from friends graciously. Blaine is in one of those moods where he basically can’t wipe the shit eating grin off his face.

He and Kerry sit across from each other in a booth near the back, chatting about a lot of different things, mostly about their classes, but also other stuff, like Tina’s boyfriend (who neither of them have met) is coming to visit the next weekend, and a concert Kerry wants to go to.

Blaine’s off on a tangent about one of the kids at work when he notices that Kerry’s been quiet for a few minutes.

“Sorry,” he rolls his eyes. “This must be getting b-b-boring. Suffice to, to, to say that the little fucker annoys the bejesus out of mmmm-me and I think it’s because he’s essentially what would happen if Matt had a b-b-baby with a honey b-badger.”

Kerry lets out a little giggle, but doesn’t say anything in return.

“Kerry?” Blaine says with a question in his voice. “Are you okay?”

Now he’s concerned. Kerry’s usually more talkative than he is, but tonight he feels like he’s doing a lot of the work.

She rubs a hand across her eyes.

“We’re friends, right Blaine?” she starts.

“Of course,” he says.

“I want to talk to you about something. But I don’t know if it’s really... fair. To talk to you about.”

“If you’re thinking about br-br-bra-breaking up with Matt, I-I-I don’t know if I can listen to this,” Blaine says. He’s nothing if not loyal to Matt. “I m-mean, just cause I-I-I can’t promise I wouldn’t tell him. And that wah-wouldn’t be fair to, to, to you, ya know?”

“I know. And no, it’s not that. Not really. Well, I guess it could turn into that. Not right away, I mean, I don’t even know if it’s going to work out. But, I...” Kerry stops. She’s babbling. She knows she’s babbling. It’s probably not fair to talk to Blaine about certain things. But he’s so level-headed. He always has such a great perspective.

“Well, n-n-now I’m curious,” Blaine says.

“Okay. Well,” Kerry’s unsure how to continue. “So as you’re quite aware, I’m a senior.”

“And Matt is not,” Blaine supplies.

“Yes. And I’ve been thinking that I would stay in the city after I graduate. Maybe he and I could move in together. Maybe I would go to grad school. Or just find a job and plan out the rest of my life on the fly. But, a couple weeks ago I started looking into alternatives. Like teaching English in Japan or joining Habitat for Humanity.”

Blaine’s listening, nodding, patiently waiting for her to get to her point. Kerry realizes that’s exactly why she wanted to run this by Blaine first. He’s the most patient person she’s ever met. It’s like a dress rehearsal for telling Matt.

Kerry sucks in a deep breath. “I think I’ve decided to join the Peace Corps.”

Blaine is taken aback. Kerry’s never said anything about wanting to join the Peace Corps. Kerry’s never said anything about not wanting to stay in the city after she graduates. Any time the subject comes up, it’s basically Kerry saying she’ll graduate and find a job and figure out the rest of her life as it develops.

“I’ve been reading up on all the different programs,” Kerry continues. “And I think it would be a really incredible experience. Realistically I don’t have money for grad school and my parents don’t have money for grad school and I already have so many students loans and this could be like the best plan for me.” She sighs. “I don’t want to leave Matt. But I think I’m going to have to leave Matt.” She smiles sadly at Blaine.

“Tell me m-m-more,” Blaine prods.

“You’re not mad at me?”

“Of course not. Just … d-d-don’t make me keep this from, from, from Matt for too long.”

“I won’t, I need to figure it all out before I talk to him though. The application’s due at the end of the month, so I don’t have much time.”

“Well, talk it out. Sometimes talking is the b-b-b-best thing for an idea. Maybe you’ll find that you don’t even really w-w-w-want to go.” It’s sort of wishful thinking on Blaine’s part. He knows he really doesn’t want Kerry to leave. He can only imagine how Matt is going to feel about it.

“I think I want to go Blaine. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks. I didn’t know how to tell anyone.”

“Okay,” Blaine tries to stay neutral. “Tell mmmm-me details. Why do you want to, to, to do this so much? Not about the m-m-money stuff, but like, make me understand.”

So she does.

Blaine feels better after she gives him the full rundown. Kerry promises to tell Matt soon.

“You should tell him be-be-be-before you send in the application.”


“Kerrrrrry,” Blaine implores.

“I know, I know. He’ll think I’m doing all this behind his back.”

“Yes. And you know I s-s-suck at keeping s-s-secrets from him.”

“He’ll be okay, right?”

Blaine nods.

“You’ll help him?”

Blaine smiles. “If he lets m-m-me.”

“He’ll let you.”

“Tell him soon, Ker.”

She nods.

They finish their food in relative silence, both of them thinking about what comes next.


The next night Blaine’s watching tv in the living room when Matt walks in with a somber look on his face. He shuts the door behind him and leans on it, tilting his head back to look at the ceiling.

Blaine mutes the tv and leans his elbows on his knees, waiting for Matt to say something.

“She told me she talked to you,” Matt says, starting from the middle of a thought, rather than trying to fill in the gaps. It’s one of the side effects of being friends with Blaine, they sometimes speak in a language of shorthand that gets right to the point.

“She needed sssss-someone to talk to. I-I-I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, I get it.” Matt sighs. “I feel like I shouldn’t be this sad already. I mean, she hasn’t even applied yet. They could reject her for being tiny, or for being an unabashed ginger or something. Or she could decide not to go. But it feels like she’s going to go.”

“Yeah, she seemed pretty r-r-r-res-resolute about the idea,” Blaine agrees.

“So what do I do?” Matt asks.

Blaine has never, ever seen Matt look this … down. Not that Matt is an emotionless freak or something, but he doesn’t tend to let things get him down and keep him down. He’s good at coping and shaking things off and moving on. But right now, Matt looks sad in a way that a couple of beers and a good conversation isn’t going to be enough to solve.

So, Blaine does the only thing he can think of.

He stands up on their coffee table and puts his arms out to hug Matt.

Matt smirks, but Blaine can see tears gathering in his eyes.

“Hugs are always beh-beh-better from people who are, are, are taller than you,” Blaine explains earnestly.

Matt lets Blaine hug him. He doesn’t cry, but he’s close. Blaine wishes he had something to say, but instead he gives Matt a few hardy pats on the back and tries to pull away. Matt hugs him tighter and Blaine feels bad for his friend.

At least until Matt says “Good lord, Blaine. Your pecs are fantastic.”

Blaine pushes him away, and hops off the table.

“You r-r-r-really need to control yourself, Matthew.”

“Why are my pecs not as good as yours, though?” Matt grabs Blaine’s hand and puts it on his chest. “Feel my pecs.”

“I thought we, we, we were going to have a nice mo-mo-moment, and you have to turn it creepy.”

Matt’s face falls a bit and he shrugs. “Creepy’s better than sad,” Matt tells him, before perking up again. “We should call Puck. I think I want to get drunk and get in a fight.”

“Works for mm-me,” Blaine says. “But you r-r-realize you might feel wah-worse in the morning?”

“I know. I don’t really know why I’m so bummed at this point. There’s nothing I can do about it. Kerry’s her own person. I dunno.” Matt frowns. “I guess I want to prepare myself?”

“Yeah, that works. What do you want to drink? You want me to run out and get something?”

“Moonshine?” Matt says. “Either that or a magic elixir that will make my pecs even half as nice as yours.”

Blaine rolls eyes.


September 9
@10:02 pm
Blaine: Hey dumdum, Matt’s bummed. There’s some stuff going on with Kerry.
Blaine: I’ll give you the rundown next time I see you
Blaine: But for now we’re gonna call Puck, get drunk, maybe get in a fight. Do you want to join the fun?

10:05 pm
Kurt: aw, poor Matt. Tell him I said poor Matt. But I have zero interest in drinking/fighting
Kurt: *some* of us have work in the morning
Kurt: Love you, talk to you tomorrow, don’t do anything too stupid
Kurt: But as always, I solemnly promise to bail you out jail

10:09 pm
Blaine: Got it. :) Love you too

10:10 pm
Kurt: I like dumdum, that could be the nickname name like poop/poophead

10:12 pm
Blaine: Okay dumdum <3


September 10
@11:44 am
Kurt: how was last night?
Kurt: I’m thinking no news is good news?

12:52 pm
Blaine: ow

12:54 pm
Kurt: ????

12:55 pm
Blaine: the sun is my enemy

12:57 pm
Kurt: I take it last night went well?

12:58 pm
Blaine: went to Puck’s
Blaine: played beer pong til 3 am
Blaine: no strike that
Blaine: lost beer pong til 3 am
Blaine: It’s really no wonder that Puck spends so much time at your apartment
Blaine: if he didn’t, his life would be like a non-stop Nelly video

1:02 pm
Kurt: at least he wants his life to be a non-stop Nelly video

1:04 pm
Blaine: you always get my Veronica Mars references

1:10 pm
Kurt: I suddenly feel like I’m in a scene from “The Outsiders”

1:11 pm
Blaine: Be cool Soda Pop.

1:13 pm
Kurt: Such a great show. Except for Piz.

1:15 pm
Blaine: See, I liked Piz. I could never understand your ish with Piz.
Blaine: I mean, I guess he was kind of bland.

1:18 pm
Kurt: Blaine for the umpteenth time, he was just a plot device. LoVe was endgame.

1:21 pm
Blaine: Don’t you have something else you should be doing at work besides yelling at me about your defunct otps?

1:24 pm
Kurt: don’t you have class or something? You layabout? I am ashamed of you.

1:25 pm
Blaine: Nah, I’m just a good-for-nothing malingerer.

1:28 pm
Kurt: brb looking up malingerer
Kurt: Hmm. I suppose I can agree with that definition.
Kurt: And here I thought you were going to be my sugar daddy.

1:31 pm
Blaine: Oh, well I do have work this afternoon. And then I have class tonight. But somehow I ended up with Thursday mornings off.

1:33 pm
Kurt: It hasn’t been morning for an hour and a half.

1:34 pm
Blaine: Oh shit fuck hell.
Blaine: I have to shower.
Blaine: I smell like fermented roadkill.

1:37 pm
Kurt: Attractive.

1:40 pm
Blaine: It’s frowned upon to smell like fermented roadkill when you’re around children.

1:41 pm
Kurt: I thought you were showering.

1:42 pm
Blaine: Who says I’m not? I can text and shower.
Blaine: Showering, eating food, going to work, going to class, being a good sugar daddy.

1:44 pm
Kurt: excellent plan
Kurt: what time are you done with class?

1:47 pm
Kurt: Blaaaaaaaaaine.
Kurt: you’re in the shower.
Kurt: I shall leave lots of messages for you
Kurt: you will appreciate them when you return from cleaning your body.
Kurt: your hot hot body

1:49 pm
DiDi: what time do we have sign language tomorrow?

1:51 pm
Kurt: Your rockhard abs and your stupid face
Kurt: Not to mention that poop that you call a head.
Kurt: I was thinking about sending you some dirty texts
Kurt: but then I remembered that you work with children
Kurt: and this would totally be the time that one of them would unlock your phone and go through your texts and find dirty things that your boyfriend sent you
Kurt: dirty things
Kurt: penis.
Kurt: butt.
Kurt: penis
Kurt: butt
Kurt: put a penis in your butt.
Kurt: you have a very nice butt. It’s all round. And not too hairy.
Kurt: Your hair to butt ratio is perfect. In case you were wondering.
Kurt: these messages just went to the creepy place.
Kurt: Let me get back on track.

1:58 pm
Blaine: KURT

1:59 pm
Kurt: Oh hello there.

2:01 pm
Blaine: you think you’re cute don’t you?

2:02 pm
Kurt: Obviously.

2:04 pm
Blaine: I think you’re cute too. :)

2:05 pm
Kurt: Blushing font.

2:07 pm
DiDi: Oh shit. We have sign language tonight don’t we. I forgot what day it was.
DiDi: again.

2:09 pm
Blaine (to DiDi): yep! at 7.
Blaine (to DiDi): It’s Thursday DiDi. Today is Thursday.

2:11 pm
DiDi: It’s because last semester we had sign language Mon, Wed, Fri
DiDi: And this semester is Mon, Wed, Thurs

2:14 pm
Blaine (to DiDi): I know. The days of the week are a difficult concept. I mean, there are seven of them. They don’t even go in alphabetical order or anything.

2:17 pm
DiDi: <photo message>

2:19 pm
Blaine (to DiDi): Giving me the finger via text is really good practice for sign language lab tonight. Bravo.

2:20 pm

2:21 pm
Blaine (to Kurt): Never. I was just explaining the days of the week to DiDi. She was confused.

2:23 pm
Kurt: It’s good she has a friend like you to explain these things.
Kurt: I have to go be productive now.
Kurt: How bout I meet you after class tonight? By the language lab, right?

2:23 pm
DiDi: I figured you’d appreciate that.

2:25 pm
Blaine (to Kurt): YES. YAY. I’ll be done at 8:15. Come pick me up dumdum!
Blaine (to Kurt): Love you, work time! BYE!

2:26 pm
Kurt: Love you too, poop. :)

2:27 pm
Blaine (to DiDi): Totally appreciated it. See you tonight.

2:28 pm
Blaine (to Matt): I noticed that there was orange juice in the refrigerator.
Blaine (to Matt): Thank you and your socks will be returned post haste.

2:52 pm
Matt: NOOOO. Keep hiding them. It’s fun. It’s like a game.

4:18 pm
Blaine: eye roll.



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Oct. 6th, 2012 02:06 pm (UTC)
“Good lord, Blaine. Your pecs are fantastic.” HA

also I am so, so happy to see that this is happening because it makes me smile so much and yayyyyyyyyyy!!!
Oct. 9th, 2012 12:16 pm (UTC)
YAY! And thanks! :)
Oct. 6th, 2012 02:10 pm (UTC)
I AM SUPER EXCITE ABOUT THIS. Also, Blaine (to DiDi): Giving me the finger via text is really good practice for sign language lab tonight. Bravo.

Flawless work. Can't wait for more!

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Thank you!
Oct. 6th, 2012 02:11 pm (UTC)
This might be the best morning in the history of mornings, because the sun is finally shining and the symphony verse is back again.
Oct. 9th, 2012 12:18 pm (UTC)
Woohoo! Thanks for reading.
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Are you going to update as frequently as you did with the other stories in this verse? I think this is my favorite verse in the klaine fandom, so awesome!

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Oct. 9th, 2012 12:19 pm (UTC)
I'm going to update three times a week during the hiatus, and then twice a week when Glee comes back. I hope that's frequent enough. :)

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Oct. 6th, 2012 02:19 pm (UTC)
Love, love, love. This was truly delightful.
Oct. 9th, 2012 12:21 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
Oct. 6th, 2012 02:19 pm (UTC)
Hello this is tumblr user babywecouldfucktherights
I just logged in so i could come in here and cry over how perfect you are and this story is and i love this part already and the hair to butt ratio and blaine swearing and being perfect... PLS WRITE GLEE okay bye.

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Re: Hello this is tumblr user babywecouldfucktherights
HA! Thanks. I WISH I COULD WRITE GLEE. I could whip that shit into shape so fast...
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also this is how i feel about you:

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Thank you my friend. :)
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Hurrah! A much-needed return of the wondrous, witty banter. I only wish Kurt was taking sign language classes with Blaine and DiDi because then we'd have witty banter in ASL.
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I would have no idea how to write witty banter in ASL, but it would certainly be fun to try! Thanks for reading!
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oh my god i'm actually giving myself a headache screaming about the fact that staccatos is out!! and all the matt and dumdum and poophead feels you don't understand how much this is my favourite fic okay right so bye omg
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Oh hai. You are perfect. Butt. Penis. Butt. BLOW JOBS.

Also, Peace Corps sounds very Kerry, even if I don't want her to leave. But Kurt and Blaine managed their separation, no? They had bumps, but they got over them <3 Kett/Marry (MARRY OMFG) Marry can totally do eeeeeeeeet! :3
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Thank you!! Glad I could help. :)
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This is what I needed today. After all the reaction fic, I needed this. Cute!Blaine/Kurt FTW.
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I can't explain the noises I made when I saw this post! I think I scared my cat. I don't care about anything that has happened on glee this season because poophead and Matt and Kurt and Kerry and everyone else are back!!! You write my favorite Blaine. Seriously, out of everything I've ever seen or read. he has grown so much and he is such a fantastic character. I love that we've been able to watch him through all of this. I can't wait to see where they end up. I don't want this verse to ever end. Thank you for this world!!
Oct. 9th, 2012 12:31 pm (UTC)
You're welcome for this world. I really enjoy writing his growth. I love really getting in his head and trying to figure out what he's doing, how he'd be feeling, etc. It's a lot of fun. I feel like he's really *mine* even if I'm just borrowing him from Glee.

Thanks for reading!
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I can't share my love on Tumblr right now so I will share it here and thank you for the perfect Saturday pick-me-up. <3
Oct. 9th, 2012 12:31 pm (UTC)
You're welcome and thank *you* for reading.
Oct. 6th, 2012 03:15 pm (UTC)
To be honest, I was in the worst funk I've been in in a really long time and now I see this shiny new update and NOW I HAVE A BIG HUGE STUPID GRIN ON MY FACE. SO THANK YOU.

And HA! Now we've graduated to Veronica Mars quotes. XD I agree with Blaine. I didn't mind Piz, either.

Also..I love that Matt and Blaine are in that place where they can admire each other's pecs.

Although I'm sad that Kerry might be going abroad! I hope that Blaine can give Matt some good perspective on how to prevent what happened with him and Kurt from happening with the Merry. And by Merry I obvs. mean Matt/Kerry. They have the cutest ship-name EVER, btw.
Oct. 9th, 2012 12:32 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! I'm sorry about your funk and I'm glad I could help. Thanks for reading! And yes, they do have the cutest ship name ever.
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Yaaaay, I've been waiting for this all day! And, as always, it is completely adorable and amazing and the best thing to exist - can't wait for the rest of the story <3 (I've actually been looking forward to the hiatus, 'cos that meant Staccatos ;))
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This is the best thing that I didn't know I was hoping for & I already love this and ... yeah, ILY! Thank you.
Oct. 9th, 2012 12:37 pm (UTC)
OMG ILY! You're welcome! Thanks for reading.
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Squeee, this is like the only reason I was looking forward to October :P
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Oct. 6th, 2012 04:03 pm (UTC)
I may have squealed in excitement when I read that there was an update.
But thats nothing compared to how giddy i am with everything that's already happening in just one chapter! What an awesome start, fantastic pecs, dumdums, sock games, and dirty texts that are just waiting to be read by innocent minds. Can't wait for more!!!
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I had no idea that I had the power to make this many people squeal. Thanks for reading!!
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Ohhh I love it. At least in this world everything is okay.

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Everything is better than okay in this world. Thanks for reading!
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Yes yes yes so happy to have this verse back!
Oct. 9th, 2012 12:41 pm (UTC)
Oct. 6th, 2012 04:36 pm (UTC)
somehow between your last fic and this one I forgot how utterly charming your dialouge/texts are. such clever fun hilarious banter.

I'm looking forward to this fic!
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